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A Life of Learning

Mila Schwartz's story

Mila Schwartz is Professor in Language and Education and a Head of Research Authority in Oranim Academic College of Education (Israel). Her research interests include studying language policy and models of early bilingual education; linguistic, cognitive, and socio-cultural development of early sequential bilinguals/multilinguals; family language policy; and bilingual teachers' language-conducive strategies and pedagogical development. In this research her focus is on two unique populations: second generation Russian-Hebrew speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Arabic and Hebrew-speaking children enrolled in bilingual bi-national education in Israel. Prof. Schwartz is an Academic Adviser of the Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education and the Russian-Hebrew-speaking bilingual preschools in Israel. 

About Prof. Mila Schwartz

She received her first degree from the Pedagogical State University of Saint-Petersburg in Linguistics and Literature. She completed an MA and a PhD in the University of Haifa in Learning Disabilities and Literacy Development among Bilingual and Trilingual Children, conducted her Post-Doc studies in Ben-Gurion University, Israel (the Kreitman Foundation Fellowships), and in Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto.

Published Books

Current issues in bilingualism

Leikin, M., Schwartz, M. & Tobin, Y. (Eds) (2012). Current issues in bilingualism: Complex approach to multidimensional phenomenon. Series Literacy Studies, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

Successful family language policy

Schwartz, M. & Verschik, A. (2013) (Eds). Successful family language policy: Parents, children and educators in interaction. Series Multilingual Education. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

Preschool Bilingual Education

Schwartz, M. (Ed.). (2018)  Preschool Bilingual Education: Agency in Interactions between Children, Teachers, and Parents. Series Multilingual Education. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer. 

Areas of current research

Early bilingual education: socio-cultural, linguistic and cognitive outcomes

Bilingual teaching: models and strategies

Early sequential bilingualism

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